The Nissan 370Z Coupe remains popular among vehicle owners who delight in owning a quality sports car. The no-nonsense European styling inside and out makes the car very appealing. However, the technology under the hood stands out in terms of performance. Meet the vehicles by visiting our Honolulu, HI New City Nissan location. Indulge in a thrilling test drive.

The coupe comes standard with a 3.7-liter, six-cylinder engine that delivers up to 337 horsepower. Yet, despite providing ample power, the vehicle boasts a fuel efficiency rating of 19 mpg when cruising through town and 26 mpg when enjoying the open road. The specially designed 3.7-liter, six-cylinder Nismo engine ups the power and provides an impressive 350 horsepower.

The vehicle was created using incredibly strong but lightweight materials that include carbon-fiber composites. In this way, the driveshaft ensures that the engine responds more quickly. Other lightweight components enable the Nissan 370Z to achieve greater speeds.

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