Nissan LEAF Extended Range EV

The Nissan LEAF electric vehicle keeps giving fans more reasons to love this efficient compact car. Fuel efficiency isn’t even in the equation with this one, but you may be wondering about its range. Let us explore this feature more closely.

The Nissan LEAF uses advanced technology to get an impressive 150-mile range out of a single charge. Under normal driving conditions you can extend this even further by using the eco-mode that allows your engine to operate in the most efficient way possible. You have three options for charging your LEAF. You can plug it into your household outlet on a trickle charge, use a high efficiency-charger, or give it a quick 30-minute charge at a charging station on the road. If you give it a quick charge, it will only give you about another 90 miles before you will need to plug it in again.

It is time you experience the new Nissan LEAF if you are in the market for an electric vehicle.



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