At New City Nissan, our vehicles offer you climate control options so you can choose what areas of the vehicle you want to heat up or cool down. As dogs tend to heat up very easily, climate control is an absolute must have for all dog owners searching for the most dog-friendly vehicle on the market. Aside from climate control, a feature that is a necessity for when you a traveling with a dog is easy clean upholstery.

Some dogs tend to get motion sickness from time to time, so when an accident does occur, all you will have to do is wash off the seat with a wet rag and your good to go once again. For those of you who express deep concerns for your dog's safety in a vehicle, it is important to purchase a vehicle with us at New City Nissan that has childproof window switches. These switches will keep your dog from accidentally stepping on the switch that opens the window and having an opportunity to jump out of a moving vehicle.

To find out what a dog-friendly vehicle looks like, come test drive one today at New City Nissan.


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