Thanks to a change made by Mayor Caldwell effective today, online automobile sales is now allowed under certain conditions on Oahu.

We can assist you to lease or purchase a Nissan or preowned vehicle NOW through our online sales department if:
  • We were working with you toward a transaction prior to the Mayor's order on March 22nd.
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident and is a total loss or is beyond repair.
  • Your lease is expiring.
  • You have no other means of transportation and are in an "essential business" or "essential infrastructure".
Social distancing will be strictly practiced and test drives with a sales professional is not allowed.  We are required to certify that all buyers meet these criteria.

This is great news as we can now help those who were previously stuck without vehicle purchasing options.  Please browse our inventory and specials online.  You can reach us at 808-540-3227 or through the many links throughout the website.

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