Nissan models come ready for any Honolulu trip on your calendar of events. Ideally, the company's car models are street smart, thanks to the efficient powertrain and advanced technologies. In the review below, you will get to learn about the new Rogue Sport model, which is already available for any of our Ewa Beach and Kapolei customers.

New Rogue Sport Safety

Watch every step you take with the Nissan machine and explore an all-around car environment. The Rogue Sport offers various driver-assist technologies to keep you going, from excellent stopping power to collision avoidance technologies. The automakers' Safety Shield 360 is the most prominent system in the new machine. With it, you get all the driving confidence you need through awareness of what is on your front, rear, or car sides.

Notably, this model gets several standard features, meaning you will have them across the model lineup. Pedestrian Detection in the Emergency braking system is one, which functions to monitor your car's speed and enables you to maintain a distance between the Rogue Sport and the vehicle ahead. Emergency brakes work with the detection feature to notify you when there are passengers in front of the car. If you don't take immediate action, the system engages the brakes to slow down the car automatically.

There is also an auto-braking feature in the car's rear. Ideally, this helps during parking and detects objects that you may not see to avoid collisions. It also reduces the impact caused by the crash in case it is unavoidable at a particular moment. Changing lanes is not an issue, especially with the addition of a rear cross alert system that gives you an alert when vehicles are approaching from behind.

The blind-spot warning system in the Rogue Sport keeps watch of the cars' blind area to notify you when vehicles are approaching closely. The Rogue Sport isn't done yet. On the Schofield Barracks roads, this machine ensures you only change the lanes when you mean to. In case you start to drift from your lane without warning, this system gives you audible and visual alerts and can steer the car back to its street automatically. Other added safety systems include a tire pressure monitor, road-gripping with Dynamic Controls, an updated airbag system, and advanced braking.


The new Rogue Sport gives you all Waipahu weather confidence with various advanced systems responsible for its decent figures. Under its hood, the model gets power from a four-cylinder 2.0l engine. This 2021 Sport powertrain gets a valve timing system that enables it to adjust to every road situation. It mates to an Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission, which gives it exceptional acceleration powers and excellent mileage coverage.

Adapt to any environment through the available all-wheel-drive system in the new Sport. Whether it is sand, rain, or winter times, the Rogue Sport's systems adapt to the terrain in seconds to refine your drive, making it an ideal model for adventure enthusiasts. This system distributes produced powers to all the car wheels, giving it a tight grip on the roads.


The Rogue Sport takes in a maximum of five passengers. Additionally, the model gets ample cargo storage solutions, friendly seating configurations, and premium cabin materials. There are also advanced technologies, including car infotainment, with all the comfort and convenience given maximum priority. Luggage is given an underfloor compartment, which keeps valuable materials out of sight. A Divide-N-Hide storage compartment gets the rear seats foldable, and the center console provides space for small equipment.

Exceptional comfort and tech features in the Sport include dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, intelligent climate control with a remote engine start, and heated side mirrors. You also get a rear door alert, Bluetooth, and pilot assist with turn navigations.

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