Getting Regular Battery Service at New City Nissan

Professionals to Diagnose Your Battery

The battery is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle. It powers the electrical features and is required to start the engine, whether your car uses a key or a push-button starter. Regular inspection and maintenance of your battery are crucial to your car's overall health since the battery charges and draws energy from the engine.

Why Regular Inspections are Important

Regular inspections of your battery are essential. Frequent inspections to look for rust, cracks, and more can help head off more serious problems, as a leaking battery can corrode engine components and damage them. Every time you bring your vehicle into the New City Nissan service center for regular maintenance, our technicians inspect your battery and test it to ensure it has enough cranking power.

How Often Should I Replace My Battery?

We recommend that you replace your battery every four to five years. However, that is only a general rule as several factors affect how quickly your battery lowest power. Frequent short trips around Waipahu, heavy traffic in Kapolei, and extreme temperature swings can shorten a battery's life. But age is the most significant factor; the older the battery, the more likely it will fail.

Signs Your Battery is Going Bad

Fortunately, most batteries will show you that it's time for a new one. Having frequent trouble starting your car is the biggest one. It would be best to remain aware of problems with interior lights flickering, headlights that go out for no reason, or problems with electrical components like power windows not opening or closing correctly. A sluggish engine or strange cranking sounds coming from under the hood as you drive can also indicate a failing battery.

Get Battery Maintenance at Our Service Center

If you suspect battery problems while driving through Schofield Barracks, bring your vehicle to our Nissan service center in Honolulu. We perform battery service for all manufacturer makes and models for customers all over the Ewa Beach area.

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