Signs Your Brakes Need to be Checked

When you're driving on the roads in Waipahu, you expect your brakes to stop your car in a few moments. As you press on the pedal, there are a few things that can indicate that it's time to visit New City Nissan for a brake service. Whether you have a Nissan or another make of car, our Service Center can offer assistance so that you and your passengers are safe in Schofield Barracks. Odd noises are often the first sign of something wrong with your brakes or that it's time to have something changed. Squealing or grinding could indicate that the pads need to be changed or that the rotors need to be turned.

Pay attention to the instrument cluster in your car while driving in Kapolei, as a brake light can come on if there is an issue to address. Most of the time, this light will come on if the fluid is low. The technicians at the dealership in Honolulu can check the fluid level and add more as needed while also checking to see why your vehicle is losing brake fluid. There could be a sensor light for your vehicle that illuminates to let you know that the brake pads are low or that there is an issue with the overall brake system.

If you feel any vibration when pressing on the brake pedal while driving in Ewa Beach, it could be an indication the rotors are warped. You don't want to let this sign linger as the rotors will begin to deteriorate quickly so they can no longer be turned and need to be changed instead. You shouldn't be able to press the pedal to the floor or feel that it's too easy to press when you're driving in Honolulu. This could indicate that there's air in the brake line or that there's a problem with the master cylinder that needs to be repaired, as this could lead to not being able to stop your car.

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